we are now serving draft beer

Check out what's currently flowing from our taps below!


Deciduous Brewing Co. "Morphology" DIPA

Deciduous is an amazing brewery in Newmarket, NH. This Morphology is the 2nd batch ever created. This version is brewed using lactose sugar, which adds a unique mouthfeel and a very pleasant aroma of citrus. This brew has a little hint of a farmhouse ale, which adds a complexity unlike other beers of this style.


Great Rhythm Brewing Co. "Tropical Haze" IPA

Great Rhythm an excellent brewery in Portsmouth, NH that has been shelling out nothing but great beer ever since their location change. The Tropical Haze is their newest IPA that is bright and delicious. It pours a beautiful golden orange and has amazing aromas of tropical fruit. The tropical fruit doesn't stop at the smell, though. This beer is tropical and citrusy in taste. 6.8% abv and extremely drinkable. 

stoneface logo 2.png

Stoneface Brewing Co. "Full Clip" IPA

Stoneface Brewing Co. is an extremely popular local brewery from Newington, NH. The Full Clip is a limited release, juicy IPA that drinks like liquid gold. The Full Clip uses the same recipe as the extremely popular IPA from Stoneface, but is brewed with an English yeast strain that brings out a different complexity from the regular IPA. It is 6.5% and incredibly drinkable. 


Banded Horn Brewing Co. "Norweald" Stout

Banded Horn is a brewery in Biddeford, ME. The Norweald stout is a well balanced, easy drinking stout. With hints of roasted chocolate and malts, this dark beer is great for anyone looking for a break from the hoppy stuff and dark beer lovers alike!